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Tom And Jerry Target Challenge

Another Tom and Jerry skill game. It is all
about timing and precision in this one. This
time it is Tom doing a number on Jerry
instead of the other way round. Jerry is
running around and Tom is patiently waiting
for him to come...

Tom And Jerry Hidden Tires

This game is all about cars and tires. Five
levels of tire searching is ahead. Can you
find all of them? Do you have the sharpest of
sharp eyes to solve this puzzle? Make sure
you find them all or you don't get to

Tom And Jerry Hidden Wheels

Tom and Jerry Hidden wheels is about finding
15 barely visible tiny wheels on 5 different
images in a timely manner. In less than 2
minutes you are supposed to find and click
tiny little wheels scattered all over the
picture. I don't know about...

Tom And Jerry Multiplication Game

Hi kids, let's do some math, shall we? Tom
and Jerry are gonna help you with this, pay
attention. So, what do you need to do here?
It's simple. Do you see bees flying around
with multiplication tasks? Try to calculate
each one of them,...

Tom and Jerry and Tweety Are Zombies

Tom is big, and that's why the game
developer decided to make him a muscle guy in
this game, the one who goes around and pick
things up and collects stuff. A tool guy.
Jerry on the other hand, he's a poor little
mouse, small...

Nibbles Rescue

Yeah, Nibbles Rescue is obviously a Donkey
Kong style game. Do you remember the times of
arcade machines with coins? Donkey Kong was
one of the best games. I've spend hours and
tons of coins (read money) trying to climb up
the stairs while big...

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