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Hidden Pumpkins

This time Tom and Jerry are in a completely
new adventure. Although you need to help them
find the pumpkins, this is not a Halloween
game at all. However, the first level does
show Tom with a big pumpkin on his head. But
the very...

Tom And Jerry Car Keys

Tom and Jerry are always in one adventure or
another. Getting into all kinds of situations
is kind of their trademark. Well here is no
different. And it is our job yet again to
help them succeed in whatever endeavor they
have in mind. Lots...

Jerry Mouse Avoider

Simple mouse avoider with Tom and Jerry. As
the title suggests, you control Jerry on his
cheese collecting mission across the big
board heavily guarded by dozen of floating
heads of Tom. Won't take long to find out
that head to head collision between Jerry...

Jerry Kissing

Jerry has finally found a girlfriend and is
now taking a brake from the never-ending
chase with Tom. He retreated with his cutie
down by the pool hoping to steal a kiss or
two. However, there are other creatures there
and they are not looking...

Jerry Man

An interesting PacMan based game where you
play as Jerry. Goal is to "eat" all the
"food" around the maze and not get caught by
the ghosts while cruising around. When you
feel like you need a break go for the cheese
and it will...

Tom and Jerry Find the Numbers Quest

Another quest for you to take up with your
friends Tom and Jerry. This time it's the
numbers you are in pursuit of. Once you start
the game you will be able to see all the
numbers on your left side. As you find them

Tom And Jerry Solitaire

This is a classic card game Klondike
Solitaire featuring Tom and Jerry, not as
playing characters but as a theme. You play
the game as usual, with only one difference
and that is the back of the cards is themed
in style of tom and...

Tom And Jerry Point And Click

Another challenge lies ahead. A honorable
duel is about to happen and our friends have
chosen their weapons. But nothing is as it
seems at first glance. You have two identical
pictures in front of you, or are they? Take a
closer look and try...

Tom And Jerry Birthday Cake

Tom and Jerry are doing an online cooking
course about how to make a birthday cake. You
will be given precise instructions in a step
by step fashion about what ingredients you
need to use and exactly how you should mix
them up together in...

Tom And Jerry Time Travel Game 2

Jerry and Nibbles team up in fruit collecting
adventure through an unknown backyard to get
to their house. I honestly have no idea why
everybody calls this game Tom and Jerry Time
Travel, and on top of everything this is part
2. It has nothing...

Find Stationery

Find Stationery is an interesting tom and
Jerry game about searching for required items
hidden in the box. Ok, those items are not
exactly hidden, but since the box is filled
with stuff, those that you are searching for
are sometimes really hard to spot....

Tom Kissing 2 Game

What we had in Tom Kissing 1 we are going to
have even more of that in Tom Kissing
2.Kissing is fun on its own, but it could be
even more fun with others watching and you
trying not to get caught. So, what we...

Happy Friendship Day

The game puts you in a role of a fashion
designer to make Tom and Jerry look their
best for the Friendship Day.

Tom And Jerry
are two pals in how fans like to call it -
'love-and-hate' relationship. And that's what
the entire cartoon...

Wall Bouncing

This is ridiculously simple little game with
tom-cats bouncing off the walls and Jerry
trying to collect some cheese. It's more
like a plain "bounce of the walls ball game"
done in Tom-and-Jerry style. Maybe just too
simple for my taste.

First of all, I
apologize for...

Halloween Day Adventure

It's one day Halloween adventure for Tom and
Jerry. Two friends are visiting the
incredible and magical world of live
chicken-pumpkins and what not. The goal?
Nothing particular - to survive and make it
till the end. The controls are fairly usual -
space bar...

Rescue Hector Tweety Game

Let's be clear: Tom and Jerry and Tweety are
coming from 2 different worlds. One is MGM
(later to become Warner Bros) world and the
other one is Looney Tunes. A lot of great
characters belong to the Looneys: Bugs Bunny,
Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd,...

Tom And Jerry Daily

This game shows what Tom and Jerry usually do
in a kitchen. These are their little games
where one of them is making mess while the
other one gets the short end of the stick.
When mummy two shoes sees the damage in the

Tom And Jerry Jump

Another platform game about Tom and Jerry
teaming up for win. Jerry is a little mouse
so he can get through tiny holes and he can
shoot at enemies. On the other hand, Tom is a
big boy, strong enough to pick up those large

Backyard Chase

For the most part, the relationship between
Tom and Jerry comes down to a chase. And
since these two fellows live in a house with
a big backyard, the chase in a backyard
logically seems as a part of their daily
routine. As usual Tom...

Tom Jungle Ride

I know you're wondering now what's pelican
doing there in a jungle with Tom and Jerry?
Nothing really. Tom certainly looks happy
about this ride. According to the expression
of his face he's thrilled about riding this
monster truck with giant tires. No matter how

The Great Paper Chase

"The Great Paper Chase" is Boomerang's game
with an interesting concept: it mixes up
racing with coloring in one game. First, you
need to pick up your characters, who are not
necessarily Tom and Jerry, so you can pick up
Bugs Bunny or anyone else...

Bandit Munchers

So, in this game Tom and Jerry are a couple
of munchers making mess in a kitchen, as
usual. To play this, you need to drag Jerry
from left to right to catch the falling food.
I know these types of games: food is falling

Tom And Jerry Escape Game

While Tom's doing nothing, just chilling
alone in front of a TV, watching his
girlfriend fixing up her nails, bad mouse
Jerry sneaks up on his back to set up a mouse
trap for Tom. What a douche-bag that mouse
is! It's not a secret...

Tom's Halloween Costumes

Tom-cat from the picture is supposedly Tom
from "Tom and Jerry" cartoon show, although
it doesn't look the best. I mean it's
definitely Tom. It just that it looks a
little bit dated, like the Tom's first
appearance from the 'Puss Gets The Boot" era,

Dodgeball Tournament

Dodgeball Tournament is a crossover cartoon
game where Tom and Jerry meet Finn and Jake
from Adventure Time and Rigby and Morcedai
from Regular Show. If there is a room for a
cat, mouse and raccoon, there will be a place
in team for a...

Tom and Jerry Going Home

Let's see what these two little guys are up
to this time. Tom and Jerry are far away from
home, on their 2nd 'super adventure' and they
need to get back somehow. The road is broken
so they'll have to jump over the gaps but

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