Tom & Jerry 2015

Little Mouse Prey

Little mouse prey is a skill game about Jerry
and Nibbles stealing some food through the
chimney while Tom is taking guard in the

Whoever made this game, the
idea obviously was to stay clear of MGM
company's rage. If you take a look...

Tom Is Going Home

Keep clicking on the bubble to get Tom to the
house. The bubble naturally falls down, so
before it touches the lower part of the
screen you must click on it in order to keep
it held in the air. At first, all you need...

Suppertime Serenade

Suppertime Serenade is a game made by Cartoon
Network's spin-off television channel called
Boomerang and that's why you can find and
play this game on both websites. Rules are
pretty simple and you can always get back to
them if you click on the question...

Jerry Cheese Hunt

A game of speed and fast reflexes where you
catch and collect falling chunks of cheese.
Occasionally Jerry will get the chance to
embrace mrs Jerry into his arms. Anyway the
story goes like this. Tom and Jerry somehow
got trapped on the attic. To...

Tom And Spike Car Repair Jigsaw

Jigsaw puzzles, unless you are fan, usually
are not very popular among players, and Tom
and Jerry followers are no different. In the
given picture, we see Tom, with a sunglasses
and a hat, apparently going on vacation.
There seems to be something wrong with...

TJ Smashing

This game shows a true face of Jerry and how
bad he treats Tom. It also shows how Tom gets
punished for something he really didn't do.
On each and every poll asking about who do
you like more: Tom or Jerry, in 99% it...

Jerry's Bombing Helicopter

While Jerry is driving a military helicopter,
Tom hides underneath the wooden beams.
Helicopter is equipped with bombs and Jerry's
goal is to kill every Tom he can find.
Despite Jerry's obvious advanatge over Tom he
must beware of spikes, moving and rotating
elements in...

Tom's Vintage Cars

Tom's car maybe looks old but it has
excellent suspensions, making ride extremely
satisfying and tipping over practically
impossible. You will enter the race against
Tom's friends and Jerry. This is not a
classic street race. It's more like an off
road race in the...

Tom And Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes

Professor Moriarty is Sherlock Holmes'
biggest enemy and he's up to something as
usual. This time, he managed to conduct the
biggest robbery in the history of London and
is trying to leave the city with the pray.
He's not aware that Tom and Jerry...

Jerry And Nibbles Rolling Cheese

Feel like playing rolling mice on a cheese
quest? FYI, Nibbles actually is not Jerry's
little cousin, but diaper wearing orphan who
was sort of adopted by Jerry to feed him and
take a good care of him. One of such things
is teaching a...

The Colossal Catastrophe

The more apples Tom eat the bigger he gets
and the more damage he can make. In Tom and
Jerry Colossal Catastrophe you basically get
rewarded for any kind of damage, say if you
crash a vase or break a witch's broom, for
turning over...

Jerry Ocean Protector

Mighty mouse Jerry took a role of the Ocean
Protector, a defender of the ocean world. His
job is to make sure not one dangerous fish
pass by and keep the ocean a safe place. To
accomplish that, Jerry is sitting behind the
wheel of...

Steal Cheese 2

What else is Jerry good for but stealing a
cheese right in front of Tom's nose. Joking
aside, this is pretty decent platformer game
you or your kids will love. Controls are
basic while the gameplay is an absolute
no-brainer: Get Jerry throughout the level,

School Adventure

Who doesn't like to go to school? I know Tom
and Jerry don't but that is about to change.
School can be fun too, some say it's the best
time of your life. Anyway, what else would
Tom and Jerry be doing in a school...

Mouse About The House

Mouse About The House is a point and click
adventure game where you need to help Jerry
to get from the garden to the house, through
the kitchen and finally to the fridge. This
unique cheese quest displays all kinds of
house objects which needs...

Tom And Jerry Musical Stairs

Jerry's tactic is to set up a trap to wake up
the sleeping Tyke and blame Tom for
everything. It happened million times before.
Jerry bothers Spike and his son Tyke but he
makes it look like Tom's fault, so in the end
Tom is...

Jerry Friendly Race

Tom, Jerry, Butch and Nibbles are 4 friends
racing old timers across some pretty rough
terrain. Nobody really knows where exactly
Tom and Jerry come from, but since they've
been making movies for MGM, than the place of
origin most probably is some suburb in

Tom And Jerry Halloween Ghost

Jumping over the abyss might sound less scary
than walking at the cemetery around the
middle of the night, but is no less
dangerous. Jerry and Tom are sort of used to
get in all kinds of troubles, and we have
already seen them in...

Jerry's BMX Rush

We've seen Tom and Jerry in action on
motorbikes several times so far. Do you
remember games such as Tom Motocross Rider,
Mini Bike and Backyard Ride?. Well this is
the first time to have these two little
devils chasing each other on bicycles. If...

Sharpshooter Jerry 2

Sharpshooter Jerry 2 a sequel and another
physics-based shooting game for puzzle
solvers. We have 20 new levels with 10
bullets and 1 minute to solve each. Again
Jerry is the one doing the shooting, all
dressed up in a cape and cylinder hat, and

Tom Taser

This is side scrolling endless runner. No
shooting, no jumping, no nothing. All you do
is avoid obstacles by going up and down. This
is not a 3D game but some basic feel for
perspective is needed because obstacles are
placed in several rows. Each...

Sharpshooter Jerry

The idea of having Jerry shooting at Tom's
head brings their relationship to the next
level. Jerry is obviously all dressed up and
ready for a duel. He's got black cylinder
hat, cape and a gun. But, unlike the real
duel, here he's shooting at...

Tom And Jerry Math Adventure

If you don't find math interesting, Jerry,
Tom and Nibbles will help you change your
mind. Math actually have never been more fun!
Your task is to get both Jerry and Nibbles
from the starting point to the warp machine
in order to teleport to...

Tom And Jerry Action

Tom And Jerry Action is rather simple
maze-like flash game featuring famous cat and
mouse duo joining their forces and working
together for a change. Jerry's controls are
completely separated from the controls you
use for Tom: to move Jerry you use arrow keys

Tom And Jerry Bloons Bubbles

Do you remember Zuma? Fast-paced
tile-matching puzzle game where you shoot out
colored bubbles trying to make three of the
same color in a row. If you ever played any
zuma like game than you probably know exectly
what to do in 'Tom and Jerry...

Tom And Jerry Hit The Ground

So why does this game have such a strange
name 'hit the ground' ? Well, there's a
simple explanation for that. Jerry (or should
I say Jerry's head) sits on top of a stack
made out of wooden cubes, while Tom wants to
get him...

Tom And Jerry Charming Cheese

Tom and Jerry 'Charming Cheese' is
physics-based logic game consisting of 36
mind-boggling mice catching situations. Jerry
and Nibbles (though that might be some
completely different mouse) are sleeping
carelessly under the cup, while you (probably
giving hand to Tom) are trying to catch them

Jerry And Nibbles Adventures

In 'Jerry and Nibbles Adventures' these two
little friends are joining forces in solving
puzzles and passing by the obstacles. The
goal in this game is to get these two little
mice to the end of the level marked with a
red flag. But the...

Tom And Jerry Mobile Apps

Who do you like more? Tom or Jerry?

... and see what people think.


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