What About Mobile Games With Tom and Jerry? Are there ANY good?

tomjerrygames.com with all its dashes in between the keywords is Tom and Jerry flash gaming website, and that's what it was for the past (would have to check to make sure) - 6 years or so. Things change, flash took a down-slope (hopefully not so fast) and the new stars of the entertainment platforms for kids are on the rise: Android phones and tablets, iOS Apple devices and Windows for mobile devices. Those miniature gadgets will follow you wherever you go, and those are the last things you touch before you turn off the lights before you fall to sleep (goes for married people too).

So, I am not gonna spend more than five minutes checking out and investigating what's going on in this new gaming world related to our cat-mouse duo.

First, let's check out the most famous android gaming source: Google Play. This is what the query 'tom and jerry games' returned from google play search:

Only 9 results? OK, I wasn't surprised so much if you have in mind that indie developers most likely are not quite able to get a license for using Tom and Jerry characters in their games. How did "GlobalFun games" with "Mouse Maze", "Azure Labs Adventure" with "Jerry ESCAPE - Chasing CHEESE" and "Top Moto Games Free" with their "Tom Jump and Jerry Run Game" managed to sneak through the rigorous Google inspection and get their games released - I have no idea. BTW, the last 5 out 9 games actually have nothing to do with the original Tom and Jerry show - they are about "Talking Tom" and some other, obviously plagiarized characters, plus there's one result coming from "Thomas And Friend series".

Maybe I'll have more luck with the Apples' store: the iTunes. Here are the results:

  • 1. "Free Tom and Jerry Learn and Play" by By Uitgeverij Big Balloon B.V. link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/free-tom-jerry-learn-play/id941669008?mt=8 .. Game that consists of several tasks for kids: mostly puzzles and maths questions, all themed with tom and jerry.
  • 2. Dentist Game for Tom and Jerry Edition By Temsak Tedkoonpongkon, link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dentist-game-for-tom-jerry/id1012454418?mt=8 is one screen game where you play as a dentist fixing Tom's teeth. Jerry's face is barely recognizable and quite freaky looking.
  • 3. And there's this "Kids Coloring Game - Tom and Jerry Edition" by Khemachat Sanampol. https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/kids-coloring-games-tom-jerry/id1025335487?mt=8. A simple game where you dye one from more than 100 tom and jerry drawings available, with the option to share your creation later on Facebook.

  • ... and that's pretty much it. There's really not much to see on either of these two most popular gaming stores. For the next time, I will try out some of these games and hopefully will find something interesting enough to worth sharing in our news section (http://www.tomjerrygames.com/tom-and-jerry-games-blog/.

    So, stay tuned, till the next time ...

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