War Of The Whiskers - Tom vs Jerry In 3D Funny Fights

In short, Tom and Jerry War Of The Whiskers is a 3D fighting game about Tom Jerry and the friends, released in 2003 for PS3, XBox and whatnot by WarnerBros.

The game title has been inspired by the historical term 'war of whiskers' which refers to a war between medieval France and England. Today, any long lasting conflict may be referred to as 'whiskers war'. On the other hand, both Tom and Jerry have whiskers, hence the name as well.

The game is not about fair sports fight, like Tom boxing Jerry in the ring. Instead, these two guys are fighting at all kinds of imaginable places, on the beach, in the snow, on the boat, junk yard, kitchen... And they tend to use all kinds of tools or generally anything that falls into their hands they simply throw that at each other until the other one gets knocked down.

You can choose to play either as Tom or Jerry or you can choose to play against Butch the Bulldog or his son Tyke. There are lots of other characters you can choose from Spike, Lion, Robot Cat, Nibbles, Quacker, and others.

The game is a sequel to the Fists of Furry, a game from 2000. It's one of the funniest games you can play about Tom and Jerry. The stages are destructible and it also has 75 weapons. The game also has power ups, the sonic shield, poisoning weapons which make you lose health and there's also a berserk which doubles your power and can do double damage. You can also change and customize the costumes, plus the graphics are very colorful which all makes this game very enjoyable and interesting to play. The best part about the game is its multiplayer mode, but I think that only the GameCube version allows 4 players.

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