Tom and Jerry Tales - Show and Nintendo Game from 2006

In 2006 a new TV show for the famous duo premiered called 'Tom and Jerry Tales' and this game is based on it. There was also a Gameboy version.

I'm sure you all know Tom and Jerry. They've been around since the 40s and in case you don't get a hell out of my website :))) joking of course. Tom the cat chases Jerry the mouse with slapstick - and that's pretty much all you need to know.

The opening cutscene does look promising, and the graphics are decent for the DS and it has the slapstick Tom and Jerry are known for. Starting with the tutorial you see that you're playing as Jerry. You might find that a bit disappointing if you don't like Jerry. Jerry's main goal is to get Tom kicked out of the house by messing everything up and having him take the blame.

And while the manual says that Tom stole Jerry's cheese stash and set traps for him, it's not like Jerry has a right to be there either way. Jerry's plan also seems to be based around stealing Tom's girlfriend.

Anyway, the game is basically an obstacle course in quick time events. You move left and right with the d-pad or 'w' and 'a' buttons if you're left-handed.

Jerry runs along the set course in which you dodge obstacles collect cheese and set off traps, but there are no real markings of where the course is going to lead. Jerry is pretty much running in a twisty loopy pattern with no real indication of where he'll go next.

Besides the default one, there are other modes in each section of the house. There's time mode where you try to complete the course as quickly as possible then there's break mode where the goal is to collect cheese, to throw objects and break as many as possible, and then there's finally speed mode where you fly through point rings with a jetpack.

If you prefer to watch and listen then check out the whole (hating) review by PurpleMapleLeaf on YouTube

or watch this long gameplay by John, also from YouTube

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