Tom and Jerry Spy Quest - Quick Preview Of The Forthcoming Release

Animation fans are in for a treat this coming June, with the forthcoming release of another feature length animation from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment that stars the legendary Tom and Jerry. However, this one is a little different as it sees the cat and mouse duo teaming up with another popular WB character, the world class junior spy, Jonny Quest, in an action-packed adventure that is perfect for the whole family.

image of Tom and Jerry Spy Quest: teaming up with Jonny Quest

Evil dr. Zin and his cat army

The story finds Tom and Jerry taking it easy at the beach for a day of fun and frolics but things soon take a turn for the dangerous when they run into Jonny and his chums. It turns out that the Quest family’s nemesis, the evil Dr. Zin, has his eyes on a device that could solve the world’s energy problems and sends his cat army to steal it from Jonny’s father, while kidnapping the man himself. It thus falls to Jonny and his newfound cat and mouse friends to step in and save the day.

image of Tom and Jerry Spy Quest: Jerry was having the usual day on the beach

Plenty of action and adventure with a dash of James Bond

Spy Quest is yet another in a long line of successful features for Tom and Jerry and which shows that they’ve still got a lot of mileage left in them. This one throws in plenty of action and adventure, mixing as it does the comedy hi-jinx that Tom and Jerry are known for with the hi-octane thrills and slick gadgets of Jonny Quest to great effect (with a dash of James Bond and Mission: Impossible for added measure). The storyline is original and captivating, with several memorable characters to back up the stars, including Jonny’s canine pal Bandit, but the villainous Dr. Zin and his cat army are surely the real highlight, thanks to their hopelessly ambitious evil schemes which are doomed to end in failure.

image of Tom and Jerry Spy Quest: cat army is approaching from the sky

Silky smooth animations for guaranteed entertainment

There are loads of setpieces which show off the merits of all the characters, with laughs and thrills aplenty and which are all executed with the typical flair and stylish animation that WB is known for. The character work retains all the charm and personality of the originals, while the many environments visited in this globe-trotting adventure are drawn with equal skill and attention to detail. The animation itself is silky smooth, as you’d expect from WB, so when you take all these things together, you’re left with a perfect family spy romp that is guaranteed to thrill and entertain in equal measure.

Spy Quest launches digitally on June 9, 2015

image of Tom and Jerry Spy Quest: poster

Teaming up with Jonny Quest

Tom and Jerry: Spy Quest launches digitally on June 9, 2015 and is available on DVD on June 23, retailing for $19.98. As an added treat, the DVD also comes with a selection of episodes from The Tom and Jerry Show, including Birthday Bashed and For the Love of Ruggles, as well as two episodes starring Jonny Quest (including one from The New Adventures of Jonny Quest), and which are The Fraudulent Volcano and Deadly Junket.

The Jonny Quest series originally launched in 1964 and tells the story of a young boy who travels the world on exciting adventures with his scientist father. It has since been rebooted several times, with the most recent series being the Real Adventures of Jonny Quest in the 1990s.

image of Tom and Jerry Spy Quest: Tom on the beach

Tom and Jerry of course need no introduction, and since their introduction in 1940, the irrepressible cat and mouse duo have been entertaining the world with their comedy action in uncountable shorts, TV show, feature length animations, comics and even video games.

Check out the official movie trailer below:

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