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Tom And Jerry Learn And Play is a 4 stages interactive app, a learning tool for kids themed with Tom and Jerry.

Not sure when exactly the game has appeared on Google Store but the figures look impressive at this moment. With more than 1 million downloads and over 7000 ratings, the game definitely caught the eyes of those Tom and jerry fans who are willing to continue tom and jerry chase on the mobile phones. Maybe the game is not so great, but with almost zero competition in this area, the game basically had no chances of failure.

So, what is Tom and Jerry Learn&Play about?

The consists of 4 different ... umm .. stages about Tom and jerry. The first one isn't a game, it's a comic about Tom searching for his glasses until he finds them outside the house. Jerry took it to make a backyard swing for his girlfriend.

The next level is a coloring game, pretty bad executed I must say. You do get to pick colors, but they can't auto-fill empty areas. Instead, you fill them up like you would normally use pencil, which is kind of odd way to implement coloring game. Not only it takes ages to do that, but the results are pretty bad.

The third level is about doing the math for preschoolers. It's just about doing basic calculation such as 5 times 4 equals to 20 and things like that. The game won't let you pass until you push the button with the correct answer.

The final level isn't a level actually. It looks like it is locked, but it isn't. That's just a link that leads to a paid version of the game on Google Store. Despite millions of downloads, 2 dollars price seems more than players are willing to pay to see another adventure of their favorite cat and mouse tandem. One card game less won't change anybody's mind I agree.

One thing was left uncertain. In the beginning of the game, there's a sign which reads that the game, despite its bad looks and poor execution, officially licensed by Warner Bros. That was kinda hard to believe, and I couldn't find any proof of that online.

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