Tom and Jerry: The Gene Deitch DVD Collection - 13 re-mastered shorts scheduled for June 2015

image of Tom and Jerry Gene Deitch DVD Collection poster

Gene Deitch is 90 years old American illustrator presently living in Prague. He is known for producing Popeye cartoon in 1960. At some point in his carrier, in cooperation with MGM he illustrated 13 shot cartoon movies about Tom and Jerry. This collection is re-mastered version of that work. You will easily recognize his work, because in the opening sequence of each of his shorts reads "directed by Gene Deitch". I must admit that I have never payed attention to such details before while I was a kid.

Here's the list of featured shorts:

  • Switchin’ Kitten
  • Down and Outing
  • It’s Greek to Me-ow!
  • High Steaks
  • Mouse Into Space
  • Landing Stripling
  • Calypso Cat
  • Dicky Moe
  • The Tom & Jerry Cartoon Kit
  • Tall in the Trap
  • Sorry Safari
  • Buddies Thicker Than Water
  • Carmen Get It!

Below you can watch the original version of Switchin' Kitten, the first short from Deitch' collection. Remember, all cartoons are now remastered, so if you buy this DVD, expect to get top-notch HD quality (much better than in a video below).

Switchin’ Kitten - The Gene Deitch DVD Collection

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