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Tom and Jerry Show - Sunny Side Up - SEASON 1 PART 2 now available on DVD

Tom and Jerry Show - Sunny Side Up brings 13 hilarious episodes of all-new slapstick escapades starring the legendary cat and mouse ... Season 1 Part 2 - now available on DVD.

13 Hilarious episodes

Tom and Jerry Show movie poster

The classic cartoon duo of Tom and Jerry returns in 2015 with a brand new set of adventures for the whole family to enjoy. Following the massive success of The Tom and Jerry Show Season 1 Part 1, which debuted last April in the number one slot, it was only natural that the stars would continue in a similar vein and now the wait is over. Sunny Side Up is a fantastic double DVD set that includes 13 hilarious episodes of all-new slapstick escapades starring the legendary cat and mouse alongside their favorite friends, including Spike the rough tough bulldog and Tuffy the adorable orphaned mouse.


The Lost Dragon: Tom and Jerry As Surrogate Parents - Movie Review

image of The Lost Dragon movie poster

The enduringly popular Tom and Jerry return in this charming animated movie and while their relationship may have changed somewhat in the 70 plus years since their creation, they show no sign of letting up in the entertainment stakes. The film boasts generally high production values with a story which finds both Tom and Jerry on fine form, showcasing their particular talents in humorous fashion and making this a perfect treat for the whole family this holiday season.


Tom and Jerry - Ready for December News?

Hello to every Tom and Jerry fan out there. 2014 has almost gone, and this is our last chance this year to check out the latest news about Tom and Jerry. Here are few titles that caught my eye while browsing the interweb. Are you ready?


image of tom and jerry in problematic scene
Tom And Jerry Show Images

New American animated tv series with Tom and Jerry is airing on Cartoon Network.I have prepared a small gallery of screenshots.
Click on any image below to view it at full size.

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Warner Bros accused for censorship

A lot of dust has been raised because of two episodes which have been pulled from the last year's DVD about Tom and Jerry. The DVD should have been an authentic collection of old tom and jerry episodes, sort of a historical overview.

Warner Bros decided to follow the rules of political correctness and decided to remove 2 episodes. In this one we see Jerry's face get blacked-out with a cigarette smoke before he starts to dance on the plate. The fans went crazy because of the Warner Bros decision. Watch the video and decide for yourself. The episode is called "Casanova Cat". Is this censorship or not? You be the judge. I wonder what black population thinks about this. Would love to hear some comments.


Tom and Jerry Cartoons

Tom and Jerry is one of America’s most iconic cartoons. Many older adults grew up watching the cat and mouse duo engage in the battle of the wits, with Jerry (the mouse) almost always managing to get away. Overall, the carton was an enjoyable one and beloved by tons of fans, many which remain fans of the series even today.

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Tom And Jerry Relationship

The relationship between Tom and Jerry was one of love and hate. Though every episode Tom chased Jerry around, even attempting to eat him a few times, the two would work together when it was necessary and even seemed to like each other sometimes. Now, Jerry wasn't the innocent in all of this. There were times when he would instigate Tom and get stuff started.

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Tom And Jerry Characters

Tom the cat and Jerry the mouse were the stars of the popular cartoon, Tom and Jerry. Many fans, except for biggest ones, probably have no idea that Tom was originally named Jasper and would later be dubbed Tom Cat or Tomcat by some. Tom was a domestic shorthair feline who was gray in color.

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Tom And Jerry Friends

Tom & Jerry had a host of friends. The most notable ones were Spike, Tyke, Mammy Two Shoes, Toodles Galore, Tuff Mouse (Nibbles) and Butch Cat. Below, we will take a closer look at each of these characters in more depth. Let’s begin with Spike and Tyke.

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Super Cheese Bounce Game Review

Tom and Jerry the famous cat and mouse duo, has spawned legions of fans. The one-time, long running cartoon is still being viewed today by both old fans and new ones via re-runs. Fortunately, individuals don't have to depend on the aforementioned re-runs to get their fix of Tom and Jerry. If they'd like to, they can play online games which feature them. Super Cheese Bounce is one of the most well-known and popular.

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