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War Of The Whiskers - Tom vs Jerry In 3D Funny Fights

In short, Tom and Jerry War Of The Whiskers is a 3D fighting game about Tom Jerry and the friends, released in 2003 for PS3, XBox and whatnot by WarnerBros.


Tom and Jerry Tales - Show and Nintendo Game from 2006

In 2006 a new TV show for the famous duo premiered called 'Tom and Jerry Tales' and this game is based on it. There was also a Gameboy version.


Tom and Jerry Featuring Wizard Of Oz - Movie Review

We are looking today at the 'Tom and Jerry and Wizard of Oz' movie. The animation is decent, the art direction is very indicative of the original cartoons from the 1940s and it looks like it's retelling the original MGM movie.


Hunting High And Low - The Very First Tom and Jerry Game Ever!

Have you ever wandered what was the very first computer game about Tom and Jerry and how did it look like? The straight answer is "Hunting High And Low" by Magic Bytes released in 1989 for Amiga, Amstrad, Atari, Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum. Do you even know what 'Commodore' is :)?


The Real Life Tom and Jerry - Battle in Russia

There's a lot of real life Tom and Jerry videos online, you just type in Youtube 'real life tom and jerry' and see what comes out.

Take a look at the latest viral video that popped up on the Internet beginning of this November (2015 - in case you've stumbled across this too late)


Tom and Jerry in Video Gaming - NES,SNES,Genesis,SMS

Let's take a little time to talk about a very beloved cartoon show: Tom and Jerry. This duo of cat and mouse has been around for a long time, spanning numerous decades in various reimagining. It's kinda hard not to know who these two icons are. The classics are going to be my main focus here, simply because this is what I grew up with. The premise of the show is heavily focused on true slapstick comedy.


Burger King Kids Meal - Tom and Jerry Toys

Let's talk about toys set of 6 toys of Tom, Jerry and 4 of their friends released last year by Burger King...


Tom and Jerry: The Gene Deitch DVD Collection - 13 re-mastered shorts scheduled for June 2015

image of Tom and Jerry Gene Deitch DVD Collection poster

Gene Deitch is 90 years old American illustrator presently living in Prague. He is known for producing Popeye cartoon in 1960.


Googling Tom and Jerry Stuff - News for May 2015


This is my random googleing about Tom and Jerry for May 2015. Let's see what are people talking about the most famous cat and mouse duo these days.

1. Older cats can get "Tom and Jerry syndrome" from high-pitched sound

The latest scientific study has proven that cats sensitivity to ultra sounds may even induce short-term seizures. Cats have developed this ability over long period of evolution to be used in hunt. Modern day cats are exposed to tones they have never been prepared for. If high and intensive enough, sound may temporarily shock our pet, and bring it to state similar to what we've seen in Tom and Jerry cartoons (as on the image below)..

image of Tom and Jerry Syndrome

Tom and Jerry Spy Quest - Quick Preview Of The Forthcoming Release

Animation fans are in for a treat this coming June, with the forthcoming release of another feature length animation from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment that stars the legendary Tom and Jerry. However, this one is a little different as it sees the cat and mouse duo teaming up with another popular WB character, the world class junior spy, Jonny Quest, in an action-packed adventure that is perfect for the whole family.

image of Tom and Jerry Spy Quest: teaming up with Jonny Quest
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