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Tom and Jerry Spotlight Collections 3 - Almost Complete Set

This is the last release of Tom and Jerry DVD shorts called Tom and Jerry Spotlight Collections. Why is it important? Because it represents the complete set of Tom and Jerry's short movies released ever, like since the day 1. Well, almost. I wanna talk about few things you should know before you decide to buy it.


Few ideas for Tom and Jerry fans as christmas gifts

If you have children or grandchildren or friends who are fans of Tom and Jerry series than this is a good moment to warm cockles of their hearts with a nice DVD collection. Christmas season starts on 25th December, and that's the time of big shopping and exchanging gifts. That won't cost you more than 15 bucks, and it'll bring hours and hours of joy to them. I think that buying one of those tom and Jerry Christmas special edition DVDs is an excellent choice and really good idea for Christmas present.


Tom and Jerry Suicide Speculations Are Not True

One of the did-you-know websites spread the word that Tom and Jerry episode "Blue Cat Blues" was the final in the series because the most famous cat and mouse duo decided to put an end to their miserable lives by sitting on the railroad tracks waiting for a train to show up.


Tom And Jerry Sticker On Sale

Just doing a favor to a friend who's been kind enough to share our tom and jerry site on his fan site He's made a sticker and put it on sale here The badge is on sale and you may feely use it on your website if you spend 3 dollars. The badge was made in the honor of 76 years of existance of best cat mouse cartoon made ever.


10 Facts You May Have Not Known About Tom And Jerry

Here are 10 facts you may have not known about legendary cat mouse duo - Tom and Jerry.


Mouse Maze Free - Tom And Jerry Mobile Game

The developer of this game is Global Fun and not only they seem legit, but it appears that they have a lot of other Cartoon Network games on their stack, such as games from Ben 10, Super Cow, Johnny Bravo and of course Tom and Jerry. Truthfully, Mouse Maze is their only game about Tom and Jerry, but being quite successful with over 50 millions of downloads on Google Play.


What About Mobile Games With Tom and Jerry? Are there ANY good? with all its dashes in between the keywords is Tom and Jerry flash gaming website, and that's what it was for the past (would have to check to make sure) - 6 years or so. Things change, flash took a down-slope (hopefully not so fast) and the new stars of the entertainment platforms for kids are on the rise: Android phones and tablets, iOS Apple devices and Windows for mobile devices. Those miniature gadgets will follow you wherever you go, and those are the last things you touch before you turn off the lights before you fall to sleep (goes for married people too).


Tom And Jerry Tales - TV Show From 2006

I don't plan to bother you with a long and detailed review of Tom and Jerry Tales, for the most part, because the show is like 10 years old now, so it wouldn't make much sense. But, if this website strives to be a #1 or at least #2 source of tom and jerry games, videos, reviews and whatnot, then saying few words about Tom and Jerry Tales is a must.


Who wins Superman vs Batman - Let Tom and Jerry decide

Let's ask Tom and Jerry about who will prevail in the upcoming movie about the clash of super hero Titans Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Will Batman outsmart Superman or he will fall down helpless before the Superman's strength, his true flying abilities, and see-through vision? If we were to ask Tom and Jerry about this super-fight as being fight experts themselves, this would be an answer we get.


Free Tom and Jerry Cartoons On Boomerang Channel

If you wondered what is the best place to watch free tom and jerry cartoons today, the short answer is - Boomerang TV. Boomerang is an American digital television provider who regularly distributes new and old episodes of Tom and Jerry show on a daily basis on Sky 618 and Virgin Media 731. I think somewhere around 1 PM each day you can watch one episode of the series currently being given out.

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