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Tom & Jerry had a host of friends. The most notable ones were Spike, Tyke, Mammy Two Shoes, Toodles Galore, Tuff Mouse (Nibbles) and Butch Cat. Below, we will take a closer look at each of these characters in more depth. Let’s begin with Spike and Tyke.

Spyke and Tyke

Spike and Tyke
Spike and Tyke were a father-son duo. Spike, who was also referred to as Killer at times, was a bulldog. Tyke was his son. Spike wasn't particularly smart. He was, however, protective. Spike would often go after Tom when Tom would disrupt him or his son Tyke when going after Jerry or when Jerry would cause the raucous. Tyke, wasn't as involved as a character as Spike is He never spoke and mostly only communicated with his father.

Spike didn't talk much in the show's earlier episodes. This would later change. He would be given more of a voice later in the series. Tyke was added to the show after Spike. He was added in the latter part of the 1940s. The show's creators did so because they wanted to make Spike a little nicer. The two, Spike and Tyke, were eventually, given a show of their own. It wouldn't, however, last very long.

When Spike would go after Tom after he was disrupted with he and Jerry's usual shenanigans, even when Jerry was at fault, Jerry would often come to the rescue, distracting Spike so that Tom could escape.

Butch And Toodles Galore

Butch and Toodles Galore
Butch and Toodles Galore were also friends of Tom and Jerry. Butch was a black cat. He would often go after Jerry with the intent of eating him. Him and Tom would also go after it, mostly over Toodles, who both cats were in love with. However, in other episodes they would appear as friends, with Butch the designated leader over the gang, which consisted of Topsy and Meathead.

Toodles Galore was a beautiful, white cat who Tom had a romantic relationship with. However, Toodles and Butch would eventually marry, breaking Tom's heart in the process.

Mammy Two Shoes

Mammy Two Shoes
Mammy Two Shoes was the maid who cleaned up the houses that Tom lived in. This character was based on the Hattie McDaniel's maid character. In later years, the home that Mammy Two Shoes is seen taking care of would be her own. Manny Two Shoes would sometimes discipline Tom if he got out of hand.

Aside from one episode, the audience never got to see Manny Two Shoe’s face. This is true of most of the human characters which made an appearances on the show. The Mammy character survived until 1952 when it was cut out of the show, after the character’s real-life inspiration, Hattie McDaniel passed away.

Nibbles from Tom and Jerry

Tuffy Mouse: Nibbles
Tuffy Mouse, also known as Nibbles, is a mouse friend of Jerry’s. He makes pretty frequent appearances. His character’s back story would change from time to time. Sometimes he would be written in as an orphan and other times as the nephew of Jerry. Whatever the case, because he hung around Jerry so much, Tom would often go after him as well.

In Summary
Spike, Tyke, Tuffy Mouse (Nibbles), Mammy Two Shoes, Butch and Toodles Galore, were all friends or ‘frenemies’ of Tom and Jerry. Each of them appeared in the Tom and Jerry cartoon series, some more than others.

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