Tom and Jerry Featuring Wizard Of Oz - Movie Review

We are looking today at the 'Tom and Jerry and Wizard of Oz' movie. The animation is decent, the art direction is very indicative of the original cartoons from the 1940s and it looks like it's retelling the original MGM movie.

While uncle Henry is counting chicks like in the original movie and Jerry is there to help with counting too. One of them (chicks) gets out and we're treated with some classic Tom and Jerry slapstick.

As you could see from the trailer, there are lot more familiar scenes from the movie while Tom and Jerry subtly blend into in as if they were already there. Maybe that explains why Dorothy wasn't covered in mud after falling into the pigsty (cause she fell on Tom of course).

So then we get Dorothy singing "Over the Rainbow" and this is a pretty good rendition of it and of course it's much better than seeing Tom and Jerry singing it.

Tom and Jerry are constantly trying to protect Dorothy which gets Tom in trouble all the time. It's just that if his suffering has no long lasting consequences than why do they need to protect Dorothy when you all think she would have been as immune to all this punishment as Tom and Jerry naturally are. But despite their cartoonish tolerance for pain, Tom and Jerry both get knocked out and transported to Ozz. And this is where Tuffy (Nibbles) joins them there. I'd say that Tuffy's role was a little bit overemphasized and that is something that could have almost ruined this otherwise great movie.

So, Tom Jerry and Tuffy follow the yellow brick road and finally they all make it together to Emerald City. But first they need to get cleaned up a bit before they can see the Wizard. They've thrown in some classic Tom and Jerry mayhem here (Tom gets his back peeled off).

To not retell the whole movie here, in the end, Dorothy learns that there's no place like home so they all get transported back to Kansas where Tom chases Jerry into the sunset.

To conclude, the animations are great and voice acting is spot on and the insertion of Tom and Jerry was surprisingly fluid. If you haven't seen this movie so far, you should do it. Thanks for reading.

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