Tom and Jerry - Ready for December News?

Hello to every Tom and Jerry fan out there. 2014 has almost gone, and this is our last chance this year to check out the latest news about Tom and Jerry. Here are few titles that caught my eye while browsing the interweb. Are you ready?


image of tom and jerry in problematic scene

That was one of the hottest topics this year as it was all around the news: from BBC to The Guardian. Tom and Jerry have been officially accused for spreading racism. Problematic episodes were recorded probably almost 50 years ago, which was taken only as mitigating circumstance. Modern days justice system could not just overlook several critical episodes from the old Tom and Jerry shows. It all ended up with sticking a warning label on DVD box covers. I think this all started by the Amazon.

This is how the warning label reads: "These animated shorts are product of their time. Some of them may depict some of the ethnic and racial prejudices that were commonplace in American society. These depictions were wrong then and are wrong today"

image of tom and jerry warning label

I am positive we will not love less Tom and Jerry for this as these guys were probably completely unaware of the consequences of some of their acts. Now I am sure they are.

2.Children In Need - Tom and Jerry as special guests

image of tom and jerry fund raising for children in need

Tom and Jerry took their part in famous BBC's UK Charity show, which raises money for children who needs it the most. Check out in a video below, how well did Tom and Jerry to help Pudsey in raising money for kids. this rather short cartoon film lasts for about 2 minutes, but it took 6 months to put together.

3.Did you know that there's Tom and Jerry cocktail?

Well, there is. Actually, it's traditional American Christmas drink invented by some British journalist back in 1820s. It's a variant of eggnog, with nutmeg, dark rum, brandy, pinch of cinnamon and ground allspice. Served hot, always. If you are a kid - this is not for you, but you can mention it to you parents as this is the perfect time of the year for 'Tom and Jerry'.

image of tom and jerry coctail

Funny Side Up - Season 1 Part 2 - AVAILABLE JANUARY 13, 2015

Tom and Jerry Show: Funny Side Up cartoon movie is scheduled to be released Jan 13, 2015 by the Warner Home Video studio. This is 2 disc collection with 13 new episodes of hilarious cat and mouse duo that will entertain the whole family. The first DVD has been released on 23th of September under title 'Frisky Business'. Funny Side Up brings more episodes from the same season 1 of Tom and Jerry Show that's been airing on CN and Teletoon.

image of tom and jerry dvd funny side up
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