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Tom and Jerry is one of America’s most iconic cartoons. Many older adults grew up watching the cat and mouse duo engage in the battle of the wits, with Jerry (the mouse) almost always managing to get away. Overall, the carton was an enjoyable one and beloved by tons of fans, many which remain fans of the series even today.

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Tom and Jerry was created by the animation, power-house duo Joseph Barbera and William Hanna, who both worked for MGM (Metro Goldwyn Mayer). The premise of the show revolved around the relationship between Tom, the cat and Jerry, the mouse. Tom would chase Jerry and the two would engage in comical battles. The cartoon was often ridiculed for being violent, though what passed as violence in those days, pales in comparison to what’s featured in cartoons today.

Between the years of 1940 and 1957, Barbera and Hanna scripted and directed more than 100 shorts Tom and Jerry while at MGM. The duo was quite successful. Tom and Jerry won an Academy Award for Animated Short film, a rather impressive 7 times. Much later, in 2000, Time magazine would name Tom and Jerry as one of the best television programs ever.

Not only was Tom and Jerry well received in the television industry, it was also popular amongst fans. The audience was a mixed bag, consisting of young children, teens and even adults.

The very latest cartoon show with Tom and Jerry is airing right now on Cartoon Network. The title of the latest animated TV series is 'The Tom and Jerry Show', in production of Warner Bros, of course.

Currently, season 1 is airing, which counts exactly 26 episodes. Here are some of the titles "Spike Gets Skooled", "Sleep Disorder", "Tuffy Love" and others. Episodes are very long, so I will present below just a parts from a few. Used clips are from the episodes: "Spike Gets Skooled" - (episode 1), 'Tuffy Love" and 3rd is "Tom's In-Tents Adventure". Enjoy.

tom and jerry show 2014 preview

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