Tom and Jerry Spotlight Collections 3 - Almost Complete Set

This is the last release of Tom and Jerry DVD shorts called Tom and Jerry Spotlight Collections. Why is it important? Because it represents the complete set of Tom and Jerry's short movies released ever, like since the day 1. Well, almost. I wanna talk about few things you should know before you decide to buy it.

Volume 1 has been released in 2004 and it had some minor issues about three shorts that were incorrect in terms of prints. However, in later releases of vol 1, Warner had changed that. A year later, in 2005, volume 2 is released. And this also had problems. Instead of three incorrect prints, we actually had 4. Actually, Warner fixed this in later releases too.

Vol 3 has been released 2 years after Vol 2. Now, His Mouse Friday on here is the edited version and unfortunately has not been changed on volume 3. There's another thing with this vol. The Warner decided not to put two Hanna Barbera shorts which would have made this complete set. This is probably not a turn down for most of average tom and jerry fans, but it'll give some serious collectors quite a lot to rant about.

This is how the DVD covers looks like. I've picked this image up from Walmart online store where they sell it for 13 bucks.

And let's hear some good ranting about this collection.

Reserved for you comments:

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