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The always loveable duo of everyone's favourite mouse and cat, Tom and Jerry are back, in a mobile game aimed at keeping things simple and also flexing your memories muscles!

Tom and Jerry of course was a very popular children's cartoon centered around a cat (Tom) and a mouse (Jerry), and all their escapades of comic violence. The show was most popular through the 1970's and 1980's, and we even saw Tom and Jerry make their big screen debuts with a full length animated movie finally coming out in 1992, aptly titled Tom and Jerry: The Movie. Recently remake cartoons have aired on the CW network reaching today's generation of children.


In Remember Game: Tom and Jerry, developed by Wutty Soft, you will find yourself seeing double... And triple... And quadruple! You'll be seeing a ton of different pictures of Tom and Jerry on each level throughout this game, and its your job to try and memorize each one, which can be a daunting task! Especially as you climb higher into the harder levels, you have to memorize more and more images of everyone's favorite cat and mouse before the time allotted on the on screen timer runs out.

User Ratings - Pros

The pro's of this game are that it's a very simple game, that anyone can play... As long as you have some short term memory! Over time games like this are said to actually help your brain function when it comes to memory, so that is a nice added bonus to a mobile game you may think will just kill some time. The game is playable for any age group, so you can hand the phone over to the kids to keep them quiet in the car trying to memorize images of Tom and Jerry. Also, unlike many mobile games of this nature, most users are really enjoying the catchy background music. It has received some very favourable ratings from gamers, including a score of 4 out of 5 on the Google Play store.


One of the only downfalls to a game like this is the many in game advertisements. When you can't complain about graphics or gameplay, because its a picture and memorizing game, I guess you need to really try and find negative things to write! The advertisements do become a little annoying when you are playing through the game, but hey, they make it free, so you can really only complain so much as you get what you pay for!

Neat little time killer

All in all, this is basically a very simple game to pick up and play, for anyone, any age, and any level of gaming experience. It probably won't give you hours and hours of serious gameplay enjoyment, but its a neat little time killer, especially if you were a fan of the old school Tom and Jerry cartoon shows from the 70's and 80's. The price is definitely right (free!) too, so go on out and download the Remember Game: Tom and Jerry, for your library of fun little time wasting games!

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The game is no more available on Google Play. If it gets available again we will update that info.
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