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Tom and Jerry are known to most as the loveable cat (Tom) and mouse (Jerry) duo that starred in one of the most popular children's cartoons of the 1970's and 1980's. Tom and Jerry were so popular that in 1992 Hanna-Barbera studios released Tom and Jerry: The Movie, a full length animated movie!

Well now Tom and Jerry are back, and this time they're bringing their crazy cat and mouse shenanigans to your very own cell phone with Tom and Jerry Mouse Maze, the mobile game.

Game Objectives

In Mouse Maze, your main goal is to help Jerry work his way through 20 fun little levels while Tom does his best to get his paws on Jerry. It's a classic game of 'cat and mouse', pun intended, as you collect cheese throughout each level and avoid your rival

User Ratings

Unfortunately, reviewers have definitely not been very kind to Mouse Maze, thrashing it on most sites. Many are saying the graphics are awful, and similar to some of the first mobile games available. Basically the graphics are so bad, you really have a hard time playing because you don't know what items in the game are supposed to represent. Another complaint is about the maps for the levels of Mouse Maze, being extremely confusing and leaves you often more in the dark then if you were to just randomly stumble around. This is causing poor ratings anywhere from 3.5 out of 5 to a 6 out of 10 on various mobile game rating websites.

Game Levels

It's not all awful news for poor old Tom and Jerry though, as Mouse Maze does have a few fans causing them to draw comparisons to the huge hit and legendary game Pac-man. Instead of being Pac-Man getting chased by blobs however, you are Tom, and you are being chased by tons of Jerry's as you try to eat enough cheese to open up an exit on each level to move forward to the next level! The game also offers three save slots, which most mobile games fail to do nowadays, so if you happen to share a phone with your spouse etc. you could both have a game saved to pick up where you left off without losing any of your progress if its something you both play. The game also allows for 3 different difficulty levels, so whether your an experienced gamer or just a casual old school Tom and Jerry fan, you can customize your experience in that aspect.


All in all this game brings fairly decent mechanics that are simple, yet frustrating at times, but the rest of the the problems, everything from awful graphics to confusing levels, maps and interface to downright irritating in game 'elevator' music that will remind you of an old school Nintendo game, drag this game down BIG TIME! Unless as a child you were a die hard Tom and Jerry fan, this game is a probably one you'll want to skip or get a free version !

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