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The developer of this game is Global Fun and not only they seem legit, but it appears that they have a lot of other Cartoon Network games on their stack, such as games from Ben 10, Super Cow, Johnny Bravo and of course Tom and Jerry. Truthfully, Mouse Maze is their only game about Tom and Jerry, but being quite successful with over 50 millions of downloads on Google Play.

If you hate downloading and installing things prior you realize they are not for you, feel free to take a look at this youtube gameplay and see for yourself whether this game is worthy of your time.

What you need to do is to guide Jerry with your finger through a maze like the room so he can pick all red chunks of cheese before he gets to the mouse hole. This is it what it takes to complete a level.

Higher levels also include traps and oil spots which you need to avoid.

Some rooms are interconnected with secret tunnels but don't worry about finding them. The game will instruct you exactly how to get to them.

As the game progress, you will get to see more and more interesting things. You can hide behind the vase, in case Tom shows up, or you can pick a clock to get more time. Note that Tom can't see you while you're behind his back.

Mouse Maze is a really good mobile game. It might be a little more on the easy and slow side for my taste, but the graphics are decent so I would give it at least 4 stars. If you are Tom and Jerry fan this game is a must play. Most importantly it's free, although you can opt in for some upgrades and spend some real cash on it if you like.

Installation page on Google play: Download Mouse Maze On Google Play

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