Free Tom and Jerry Cartoons On Boomerang Channel

If you wondered what is the best place to watch free tom and jerry cartoons today, the short answer is - Boomerang TV. Boomerang is an American digital television provider who regularly distributes new and old episodes of Tom and Jerry show on a daily basis on Sky 618 and Virgin Media 731. I think somewhere around 1 PM each day you can watch one episode of the series currently being given out.

On top of that Boomerang has it's own website with tom and jerry videos, cartoons and games that you can find on this page: .

They also run a youtube channel devoted to funny videos, clips and interactive gamplays with Scooby-doo, Sonic Boom, Looney Tunes and of course Tom and Jerry. this is the address:

Going through the channel was fun. Let me show you some clips I've found there:

In "Laser Missile Plane" Tom is playing with his new toy - a plane programmed to fire missiles at mice, but things are not going as planned. Simple microwave signal can turn the missiles against Tom. Watch:

Tom and Jerry's Dragon Flame hits an incredible figure of 13.5 million views at the moment - probably going to be more when you watch this. Watch how Jerry wakes up the dragon to turn Tom into a meat can by a single punch.

In "Crazy Fan" Tom and Jery are fighting over a cool air when fan goes crazy in "tornado" mode. This is one of the rare occasions to see Tom teams up with Jerry.

I strongly recommend you to subscribe to their channel so you never miss a new episode.

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