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Let's talk about toys set of 6 toys of Tom, Jerry and 4 of their friends released last year by Burger King...

Maybe you haven't heard but Burger King had 6 different little toys of Tom and Jerry and the friends, released back in 2014. Not sure if you can still get any of these (for free) today in 2015, but in case you're a fan or something and want to get your hand on them, you may look for on eBay, as I've seen them on sale there, for anything from 5$ to 10$ a piece.

First, we have Tom, the cat. At first look, I am not sure what you were supposed to do with these exactly. I tried to do a research to see if maybe there is some kind of game or something on your computer you could do with these. And I couldn't really find anything other than they are little soccer balls, so you pop them out and now you just have a little cool soccer ball of Tom the cat. And there's a ring for his body, and there's a little clip in the ring so you can slide the ball into a place and it stays in there...

Next, we have Jerry the mouse. So you got big silly goofy ears, and that's it. You can to pop up a little soccer ball. Really cool. You can take Tom and Jerry and switch their little bodies. You can take Jerry the mouse and place it in Tom's body and you can take Tom the cat, and place it in Jerry's body. :)

Now, let me just name the other characters we have in the Burger King's set. There's a Little Quaker, little yellow baby duckling, Butch, who is like the nemesis to Tom the cat, then there's Tyke, little baby doggy from the cartoon, and Spyke, the guard dog, if you remember from the cartoon he's the one who chases Tom the cat all over the place.

Screenshots have been taken from FastFoodToyREviews (thanks!), and these guys have a great channel with lots of interesting videos about other toys - so make sure you visit them on YouTUBE.

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